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Lucky Sparky designs custom websites using the Wix website creator. We like using it because it’s so versatile and we can create stunning websites that are user-friendly for our clients. It is a Content Management System (CMS) that offers lots of amazing applications that can help your business grow. Also the platform is easy to use so that anyone can manage their websites on their own.

We always use the latest technologies and provide the best solutions for all website projects. That is what makes us Wix Design Experts!

Website Essentials

Secure Hosting

Custom Domain Names

Business Email Address

Powerful Web Apps

Analytics & Tracking

Automatic CMS Updates

Web Design

Quick & Easy to Use

Mobile Optimised Pages

Store & Manage Media files

Easy to add new designs and features

Online business solutions

Create & Send Invoices

Track orders & Manage inventory

CRM included

Multiple Payment Methods

Create Coupons & Discounts

Customised Tax & Shipping options

Lead Generation apps

Bookings & Reservations Systems

Event Management

Website Essentials


Social Media

Email Marketing

Customer Support

24 hour Support

Help Centre

Fast Response Time


Great value Premium Plans

Cost Effective

Low Maintenance

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